Beauvais Ketchup 1000g

by Scanfood

It can be used as sauce, dipping and ingredient in many different dishes. Beauvais Tomato Chop is our original quality ketchup with lots of sun-dried tomatoes. We use a whole 1.6 kg of tomatoes for 1 kg of tomato ketchup. Beauvais Tomato ketchup has a sweet, rich and well-seasoned original taste - exactly as we Danes like our 'ketchup'!


67% Tomato puree, water, vinegar, glycose fructose syrup, sugar, modified starch, salt, spices (contains SENNEP), aroma, acidity regulator (E270), preservative (E202, E211). QUID: 180 g of tomatoes have been used to make 100 g of ketchup. pH below 4.5