Customer testimonials

Diageo Denmark, Lars Persson, Sales manager:

“It’s a very good signal for us to send that we use unbreakable glass because it lies very much in line with the social responsibility Diageo stands for. We have previously been involved in projects on “a safe night life” in Copenhagen and it is important for Diageo if we can contribute to greater security and less violence. For me unbreakable glasses are a win-win situation.”

Park Nightclub in Copenhagen:

“The economy issue is good for our business but the safety issue is also very important. In fact, we think no longer about the risk of broken glass that can be used as a weapon. It means a lot for our guests but it also means a lot to the working environment and staff”.

The staff does not worry about broken glass when they clean up and closes down. But the guests also benefit from the new glass. “A normal broken glass can do much damage – I have even seen it myself! An unbreakable glass might give you a scratch but not more. Our safety environment has simply become better.”